• Industrial cleaning
  • Paint removal
  • Degreasing
  • Conservation
  • Robotic manipulators



Machines from EuroTec company - economical solution for industrial cleaning, degreasing, paint removal and conservation of metal/nonmetal parts



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EuroTec JKR - industrial degreasing



For more than 11 years, EuroTec JKR company constructs machines for global market of industrial degreasing and paint removal lines. Our devices can be found in several production plants all over the Europe, Russia, Australia or Mexico ranging from automotive, chemical, food processing or pharmaceutical industry to transportaion, metalworking and CNC machining.

Our machines are supplied with full customer services. Their main field of application is in mass production of metal or nonmetal parts which have to be cleaned or degreased as a part of a manufacturing process.

Daimler AG, Lufthansa, Opel, Continental, Husky belong to our most important customers.

Our company employs own construction staff for mechanical and electrical part of the machines. We are able to produce the mentioned technological lines almost without any external cooperation.

The produced machines are designed, constructed and completed at our workplace in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

You can find a summary of basic types of the supplied products on this web site. Please dont hesitate to contact us for a detailed offer which exactly suits your application!