• Industrial cleaning
  • Paint removal
  • Degreasing
  • Conservation
  • Robotic manipulators



Machines from EuroTec company - economical solution for industrial cleaning, degreasing, paint removal and conservation of metal/nonmetal parts



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Phone: 0049 9103 718 250

Fax: 0049 9103 718 251

Mail: manfred.jochim@eurotec-jkr.cz


Czech Republic

Phone: 00420 377 819 613

Fax: 00420 377 819 615

Mail: eurotec@eurotec-jkr.cz






The company EuroTec designs and constructs new devices for industrial cleaning of workpieces. The same applies to the electric equipment, instrumentation and  control system.

If you still don´t want to replace your old device, but you are only interested in  adapting it to the current situation, our team is here to find a suitable solution.

Typical requests:

•Rebuilding of the machine to a modern control system
•Enlargement of the machine in order to meet increased requirements
•Adjustment of the device for a new type of product
•Displacement of the machine to another location

Our actual charging rate could be very interesting for you.


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