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  • Degreasing
  • Conservation
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Machines from EuroTec company - economical solution for industrial cleaning, degreasing, paint removal and conservation of metal/nonmetal parts



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Immersion machines



The cleaning systems by EuroTec will be adapted to the needs of customer. Whether you have large or small workpieces, whether you want clean the components in several stages, EuroTec can offer you a solution for all variants.



Ultrasonic cleaning



The most widely used method of immersion cleaning is an ultrasonic system. It can be applied in cases where conventional methods of cleaning fail to achieve a desired  purity grade or when a complicated geometry of the workpiece prevents an effective use of spraying.  Our suppliers of the components for ultrasonic cleaning have years of experience in this field.





Immersion machine for
small parts

Multi-chamber in-line machine

Immersion cleaning line for bulk and heavy parts

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