• Industrial cleaning
  • Paint removal
  • Degreasing
  • Conservation
  • Robotic manipulators



Machines from EuroTec company - economical solution for industrial cleaning, degreasing, paint removal and conservation of metal/nonmetal parts



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Our work



The EuroTec JKR company designs and constructs machines for industrial cleaning, degreasing and paint removing for important customers all around the world.

We carry on our own design and construction office equipped with modern computer development tools for machine construction and automation.

The constructed machines are tested at our workplace in real operating conditions after manufacturing. Our customer can check up all the desired functions directly yet before the expedition. Then we put the machine into operation in a final plant. We also offer a wide range of guarantee and post-guarantee services.

The design of our machines fulfills demanding specifications of automotive industry including CE norms. We can deliver a certificate for every produced machine by request.

We are able to elaborate a specific offer based on your application.